Welcome to our website for Miss Emily , here we plan to document our history and progress along with our exploration of the Sea of Cortez around San Carlos Mexico !

Miss Emily is an Albin 27 Sport Cruiser with a large cockpit aft and a full cabin forward including self contained electric head and galley with alcohol stove and microwave.

Built in 1985 Miss Emily is hull number 1 of the Sport Cruisers , and as such the wheel house is 3" shorter than later models. She is powered by a Ford Lehman SP90 four cylinder normally aspirated diesel , it is not clear if she originally had the 61hp engine which was changed later or if the SP90 was original , the prototype mentioned in the article has the SP90. The engine plate shows an 1983 date which would also make likely sense.

Her dimensions are 27 feet overall and 24 feet approx at the waterline with a beam of 9'6" at the widest point, although 12" over the 8'6" number for trailering we have not had any issues pulling her across the US and down to Mexico.


Engine plate - Ford Lehman SP90

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